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From the Staff
By David Marin & The CruZin' Staff

It was Jeanne that saw him first. He sat wag his tail with pleading eyes that seem to say "take me home".

Arriving at home she was excited to describe the encounter at the shelter. I was less enthusiastic. After all, it had only been a few months since the loss of our beloved Hannah. The matter was "tabled" for the moment and was not revisited, until, a week later youngest daughter Kailee and I were enroute home when, spur of the moment, she suggested we stop and see what was going on at the shelter. Read More!

Think We Like Portland? Yup!
By Bob Roseberry

We've been coming to the Portland Roadster Show for some years now --- nowhere near as long as it has been in existence, of course, but long enough that we have to think hard to remember when we started. Despite this, it's still a thrill to walk through the doors on the first day and be hit with the sensory impact of a sea of cars, color and sounds of fellow-gearheads enjoying themselves. Read More!

Second Annual Spokane Speed And Custom Show
Story and photos Brian Curtis

The second annual indoor custom car show at the Spokane County Fair and Expo Center was a wonderful experience. The buildings were filled with the greatest of customs, rods and related cool machines. Nostalgia cars were in abundance! Remembering the hot rods of the past and show cars from years gone by were all of us old guys who have been involved in the hobby for many decades. Read More!

Perfect Weather, Lots to Do MakesYakima Eagles Car Show Shine
By Purdy Conrad & Marti Sondgeroth

Those that know about car shows will be at the front of the line to tell you"weather is everything". Well, maybe not everything, but certainly a "big" thing. Weather first, then hospitality. Making participants feel all warm and fuzzy the more likely they are to return. Then there's the old standbyes, raffles, drawings, door prizes, be sure to include DJ entertainment at the very least, live "period correct" music is always appreciated by the gearheads at a car show. Read More!

New Record Set at Bellingham's Leprechaun Daze
By Dave Gibson

Wow, a new record was set for the 4th Corner Elites' Leprechaun Daze car show, March 18, 2018 in Bellingham. The outstanding field of 133 registered participants, the most ever, means more funding for assorted charities. The Whatcom County Sheriff's Department "Project Santa Claus" volunteers were on hand on Sunday to make sure disadvantaged youngsters have a nice Christmas. Read More!

Gumball Rally Cruises 197 Milesfrom Ritzville
By Brian Curtis

The April 22, 2018 Gumball Rally hosted by the Ritzville Classic Car Club was once again enjoyed by all the participants. This year featured a tour of eastern Washington covering four counties and 197 miles through some most interesting scenery. Read More!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Studebaker… and then Some
By Gary Ledbetter

1857: James Buchanan was inaugurated as the 15th US President. William Howard Taft was born. Mark Twain began his apprenticeship to become a river boat captain. The National Deaf Mute College was established in Washington DC; later to be renamed Gallaudet University. Elisha Otis's first elevator was installed in New York. Joseph Gayetty developed and marketed something each and everyone of us use every single day! It was sold in packages of flat sheets costing $.50 a box, and originally contained aloe as a lubricant. It was marketed as an anti-hemorrhoid medical treatment – today we call it toilet paper. The world saw the very first Studebaker vehicle...a wagon. Read More!

Great weather, big crowds for Cruzin to Colby
Story and photos by Jim and Laura Scharf and David Marin

The 2018 event brought together an exciting and eclectic field of more than 800 vehicles which lined downtown Everett's Colby Avenue and the adjacent side streets, all enhanced by the contingent of vendors — something for everyone. That appears to be the "new" theme brought on board the Colby event by the team of Joel Starr, Dale Newman and Tony Verhay of Tony D's Garage. Read More!

Bitterroot Classic Car Show
By Jerry Brenner

On May 5, 2018, 86 hot rods and other automotive eye candy invaded the North End parking lot of Missoula, Montana's Southgate Mall for the annual Bitterroot Classic Car show. Read More!

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