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From The Staff

The Difference Between Being Young and Old
Guest Editorial by John Kincl

I am at the age where I should be retired, (74), but I'm not. So about five years ago, in anticipation of this retirement event I thought I'd start a new project. Something from my younger days. Yes, a retirement "driver" to have fun with and be unique. So I started on a 1954 Mercury pickup. They were built in Canada from 1946 to 1968, and I have owned, for some reason, seven of them over the years, including a 1956 Mercury panel truck that I built in six weeks, with the help of my friend Bill. That was 1986, this is now!

Getting any and all parts for this project took longer than it should have and starting out without any specific goals, hasn't helped in getting the work done faster. Mercury truck trim, even in Canada, is scarce, but, I've got most of it now. Luckily, I did have a good Mercury tailgate with which to start. Now, I'm finding out it now takes weeks and months to do what I used to do in hours and days. And, without a big wallet, buying and hiring things out anymore, isn't cheap! The goal is there but the energy and ambition is at times, sorely lacking. I have a friend helping with the body work but, being of the same age and shape we're like two snails in a race that neither wants to win. I will get done, but it seems like a long way away.

On another note, Edward Shadle passed away September 7, 2018, of cancer. Ed and his crew built the car and were attempting to set a world speed record in the North American Eagle, down in Nevada a the Alvord desert. The jet powered racer was based on a F104 fighter and was built in the Parkland area. Ed had a top speed, in a test run and the car went 515 mph. Ed Shadle was a pioneer in his own right and he will be missed.

A Twitch of the Tail and Gone

It was Jeanne that saw him first. He sat wagging his tail with pleading eyes that seem to say "take me home".

Arriving at home she was excited to describe the encounter at the shelter. I was less enthusiastic. After all, it had only been a few months since the loss of our beloved Hannah. The matter was "tabled" for the moment and was not revisited, until, a week later youngest daughter Kailee and I were enroute home when, spur of the moment, she suggested we stop and see what was going on at the shelter.

Then it happened. As Kailee appproached his tail twitched, just once, just a little. I approached and the tail beat faster. and faster yet. And I'll be darned if that tail didn't start talking, actually screaming, "take me home!" We call Jeanne and relay the news to which she smugly responds, "That's the pup I told you about", the perfect "I told you so".

So we adopt this basenji/terrier mix canine, a two year old male with still a bit of "puppy" in him. That was the beginning of a great family love affair with "Woodrow" aka "Woodie", a marvelous 50-pound bundle of energy, love and affection. Woodrow always gave more than he got. His energy was as boundless as it was contagious. He lived his life at 100 mph and he never let off the gas, until, he started acting his age, he was no longer a 16 year old dynamo, he was an old man. His age caught up with him. He came to me and rested his weary head on my knee. He needed my permission to leave this world, to go on to a better place.

We called in the vet and began to weep. It was humane, it was gentle, we held him for one last finger lick, one last tail twitch as life ended for Woodrow Marin, best damn dog ever!

Autumn is here and the snow birds head South
Stay Low in the turns and Keep CruZin'
David & Jeanne Marin & the CruZin' Staff

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