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From The Staff
So, How's the Summer of 2018 Treating You?

You know how in the movies about making a movie there's always that scene where they're shouting out "scene one, take one" and that evolves into "scene one, take way-too-many, and ultimately, they just can't get it right". Well, that's what's going on here, so, we'll start in order of importance and go from there.

Topping the chart was our "excursion", which took us to a family reunion in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, then to a rendezvous with an airplane in Salt Lake City, fly to Philadelphia, greeted at the airport by daughter Jessica and the most precious of "cargo", 6 1/2-month old Kiera Leialoha Hamilton. Then came the whirlwind, a virtual reality with a close-up focus on shopping. Home Depot, WalMart, assorted grocers and don't forget the Cape May Coast Guard station... t-shirts, hats and what have you. Kiera was unbelievable, mature beyond her years, make that months. Her smile could melt an iceberg.

That was a way too fast 10 days, but, we were keeping you (our readers) waiting.

Meanwhile, we're back at the proverbial ranch, struggling against the clock trying to make up time spent making treasured moments to be always remembered.

Tic, toc. Press people are getting antsy. but there a least one other matter that bares discussing. That would be, to answer the single most often asked question we encounter.

What's the old saying? Something like, "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

Now, though we've answered the question many times, the most frequent inquiry is, after 30-plus years, "how do I get my car in CruZin'?" Gee, where have we heard that before? The answer, you're at a car show, you see a cameratoting individual clad in a CruZin' t-shirt, hat or jacket, stop'em and advise them that David and Jeanne told us that they want a photo of your car to be included in that event. Our rep will be happy to oblige.

There are, of course, further info and details that will need explaining but, for now,we'll ask that photos be a minimum of 3"x5" and a maximum of 5"x7". Digital, via thumb drive or CD will work just fine.

Our initial goal is to generate enough interest to obtain advertising support from existing advertisers... and we'd have "Reader's Rides", brought to you by the XYZ Company. We're hoping for a dozen or more initial participants. That would equate to two pages of gloss paper.

We also intend to invite youngsters (whatever that means), but particularly, the high school and tech/trade schools. This will be interesting and hopefully fun.

That's all for this issue, as always,
Stay Low in the turns and Keep CruZin'
David & Jeanne Marin & the CruZin' Staff

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