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Good Pickin's at PSRA Car Show & Auction

Story & Photos by Bob Roseberry


So, you're preparing for the Holidays and you find yourself at a loss for gifts for the assortment of people you feel a responsibility for. We got an idea for you---the Prairie Street Rod Association's Community Christmas Auction and Car Show. Based in Yelm, WA, the PSRA has been staging this event for years at the Yelm Moose Lodge in the first week of December. Despite the general assumption that car shows are summer deals, a surprising number of stalwart gearheads bring their cars to display out in the parking lot, rain, shine or snow (and histori cally, we've seen all three happen). The 2018 edition brought, among others, a pro-stock '56 Chev, a factory promotion C-4 Corvette and a custom C-10 pickup.

The big deal however, is the auction inside. The PSRA donates the proceeds of the auction to a needy family every year, a family who might be brought to the attention of the club by community members such as doctors, teachers, clergy or other individuals. Most of the auc tion items are donated by local businesses, individuals or club members and what can show up is amazing. We saw items as diverse as a set of Grinch coffee cups (with matching t-shirt) followed by a Virtually Reality headset, an "Adult Relaxation Package" (clean stuff, really!), a Seahawks Memorability Package, a set of ceramic coated kitchen knives, and a phalanx of M&M Critters! There was more, of course, enough to keep Auctioneer Lisa and her display assistant (President Dick Wilsie) busy for several hours.

No question this is a fun event and while we won't go into the nuts and bolts of how the auction works, suffice it to say that your chance of coming away with some Holiday booty is the same if you spend $1.00 or $20.00. So, if you are moved by the idea of helping a charitable cause and picking up a few Holiday gifts, plus indulging your gearhead jones with a midwinter cruise-in, the PSRA Community Christmas Auction in Yelm is the place for you. Expect it next December. For more details call 360-894-2605.


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