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By Bob Roseberry

Centralia, WA - The Lewis County Quarter Milers post an opening time of 9:00 AM for their Hub City Car Show but when we arrived at 8:30 or so, Centralia's Historic Downtown was almost full. That is the draw of this now traditional car show! We finally found a parking place down one of the side streets but that never really mattered because it still gave us perfect access to both directions of Tower Avenue, the main display area. We should mention, however, that there are several side streets off Tower and all of them fill up with really neat cars.

Speaking of neat cars, there were more than enough to satisfy any gearhead's taste, at least in our opinion. Hub City draws 4x4s, stock restoration, snorting hot rods, street cruisers and pickup trucks along with the occasional race cars. We checked CENTRALIAout a super-cool chopped, channeled, W-motored, '33 Ford, a patina'd, rodded LaSalle, a nasty looking Henry J gasser, a '60 Ford ½ ton with 428 FE power and a hot rodded Pantera I How's that for a cross section of gearhead-dom? We were impressed.

Over the years, Hub City has evolved, like all shows but it has remained consistent in providing an outstanding venue coupled with a good-fun approach that makes it an event to look forward to. The turnout has grown with the show's popularity as well, but has never become unmanageable. 2018 brought 279 registered participants; plenty of vehicular eye-candy for everybody.

The 2019 Hub City Car Show is scheduled for August 24th.For details call 360-748-8885 or 360-262-3635.

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