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Goodguys Fills Fairground Once Again!

By Bob Roseberry & David Marin

Puyallup, WA July 27-29, 2019 - If there weren't over 3000 cars there on Saturday, there sure shoulda' been! Of course we are talking about the Goodguys Pacific Northwest Nationals, at the Fairgrounds, in Puyallup WA. The place was jumping. Cars and trucks were parked (or double parked!) everywhere they could fit or were in constant motion on the cruise route! An example: on the previous morning, Friday, several members of the CruZin' reportorial staff were on hand and were easily able to park in the grass and dirt patch behind the grandstand. Hey, ┬Ěnobody parties there but us. Upon our return on Saturday AM however, the "patch" was wall to wall, no room at the inn! After a full circuit of the fairground we finally were able to back in to an obscure space against some concrete barriers. Before the day was out, we were fully surrounded there too! Like we say, "jumpin'"!

Given such an environment, we were inevitably asked the impossible question "which one of these cars is your favorite?" A quick survey of our photo coverage should reveal a pretty eclectic mix of vehicles reflecting a good cross-section of this event. This being our objective, so the idea of "favorites" really isn't what we're thinking about. But, giving the original question some thought with 3000 cars, or 300 for that matter, picking one, single "favorite" would be mind-blowingly impossible. Having said that, however, each year there are "standouts", vehicles that made us say "YEAH!" at first sight and "YEAH!" again when going back through the pictures. We don't go looking for them, there's no "criteria", they're just "there" and we know-them when we see them. Of course, there are usually several, too many for a list, but here are a few "YEAH" cars that turned our crank this year. Two hot rods did the job for us. One was a '31 A roadster with a 1st Gen Olds motor, LaSalle trans and quick change. The other was a chopped, iron Hemi powered, Deuce 3-window high-boy. Muscle car standouts for us were a yellow 4-speed '65 442 and a '63 Merc NASCAR Homologation Special while the custom that took us by storm was a chopped, super smooth '66 Riviera. Eclectic enough assortment? There were more, as we've said, around every corner and next year there will, for sure, be a different assortment, but that's the quality that make every Pacific Northwest Nationals memorable.

It seems redundant to say "If you've never been, you need to go" because we figure most Northwest gearheads have been to Goodguys Puyallup at some point, but we'll say it anyway! Go, at least once, with a rod or not, the event is pure car-freak nirvana. July 26th through 28th are the dates for the 2019 show!

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