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A Great Day for Muscle & Chrome at Seaside, Oregon

By Bob Roseberry

You just never know. Out at the beach, the day can go just about any way. Good thing then, that the morning of Seaside Muscle and Chrome's Main Event started promising and soon went to full on t-shirt and shorts weather. As some wise heads have observed, it was "A Great Day For A Car Show".

On June 16, 2018 at 7:00 AM, the night time chill had begun to dissipate as the traditional morning Roll-In snaked past the barriers and spread out to park along Broadway. We could already tell that this was going to be a "good year" just by the variety of cars and trucks that rolled by us.

Besides classic Muscle Era vehicles, there was also a pair of "late model" Impala 55 sedans and a 14 car contingent of modern Mopars-Chargers, Challengers and a Chrysler 300. Muscle and Chrome has been open to hot factory machines up through the present for some years, and a handful have shown up. 2018 may be the first year we have seen late model factory rods in any volume and that is a very good thing!

Now, what we have described so far is just the Saturday Main Event, which included an all-day Show and Shine, Downtown Treasure Hunt, Downtown Cruise and Award Ceremony. Muscle and Chrome is actually a 2-day event that is, if you are a Show Participant. Friday winds up with a Barbecue Dinner at Thousand Trails resort followed by a Highway 101 Cruise. To paraphrase the wisdom expressed in the first paragraph, Muscle and Chrome is "A Great 2-Day Car Show".

As usual, we all have the Seaside Downtown Development Association, the Rod Squad, the Sponsors (25 by our count) and the City of Seaside to thank for this great event. Their tireless organization efforts and hands on management have made Seaside Muscle and Chrome work for over a decade and, speaking for ourselves, we never get tired of it!


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