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We Wish You All the Best in 2019

It's pretty much always the same, down to the wire, a barrage of last minute changes and, where to start. In this instance we'll go for reporting the sad news that our longtime subscriber and good friend Denny Nelson passed away, September 4, 2019. We first met Denny at a car show about 15 years ago when he came to the CruZin' booth at at the Rod Run to the End of the World in Long Beach, Washington. He signed up for a subscription after telling us he'd been picking up newsstand copies for years. It became a ritual… Denny would appear at our booth, he'd stand in the background and wait for a quiet time. He'd come to the table, hand extended, give my hand a good shaking, then proceed to recite all the things he really liked about CruZin'. As previously noted, it became a ritual, a ritual that will be sorely missed. (More about Denny Nelson on page 56)

We're now going to renew our plea for correspondents to help cover Northwest car shows and rod runs, particularly Oregon and Idaho. If you have an interest in shooting photos and taking names, go to www.cruzinmag.com/forms and you'll find the "particulars" involved. If you still have an interest give us a call at 360.331.3953. It won't make you wealthy, but, it can be a lot of fun!

Speaking of "fun", how was your New Year? Did you celebrate a little, or a little too much? We spent a quiet evening at home and enjoyed a great fireworks show from the deck of our little cabin in the woods, watching other people blow up thousands of dollars worth of explosives.

Other good news would be good health, that is to say we've been fortunate after dealing with a nasty dose of "the crud".

That's about it for this issue, except, to send our best wishes to you and your family. May 2019 be a banner year.

Stay Low in the turns and Keep CruZin'
David and Jeanne Marin & the CruZin' Staff

Unless you are one of our snowbirds, don't forget to disconnect the battery when you winterize your car.

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